Fire up the barbecue for this pork dish enhanced with a zesty peanut butter-soy sauce marinade.


4-5 pounds pork tenderloin

3 cups soy sauce

4 tablespoons stick syrup

2 cups boiling water

1½ cups peanut butter

3 cloves garlic, stripped

1 tablespoon squashed red pepper

1 teaspoon dark pepper

juice of 3 lemons


  1. Slice pork tenderloin into 1-to 2-inch 3D shapes, and spot in gallon-sized zip-close packs, partitioning equally among 2-3 sacks.
  2. To get ready marinade, place all fixings aside from pork in blender, and blend well.
  3. Pour similarly over the meat and seal sacks.
  4. Place in cooler and marinate somewhere around 10-12 hours, longer on the off chance that time licenses.
  5. Put meat on sticks. (Pork might be cooked without sticks assuming meshes on barbecue are adequately restricted to keep meat from failing to work out.)
  6. Burn over high intensity for around 3 minutes, turning sticks each 1 moment, and afterward move to aberrant intensity until done (least of 176 degrees inward intensity.)

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